Cottage Instructions

We apologise for the fact that there are no instructions in the cottage for the various appliances etc. We did have them all in a folder but, as things do, the folder disappeared! So what follows is our best attempt at providing some information about how to make things work.


Cooker and hob

The mains switch is the red one behind and to the right of the hob. The controls for the hob are along the front of the hob itself. The on/off control is the left hand symbol. To turn on the hob, touch and keep your finger on the left hand symbol until there's a beep and the little red light comes on. The controls for each of the four rings are then operated in a similar way. Turn it all off in the same way as turning it on. Red lights will continue to show until it has all cooled down.

There are two cooker controls which will pop out if you press them. The one on the left allows you to move the functions from (going clockwise) fan oven, ordinary oven, grill with fan, grill, bottom heated, light only. The right hand one adjusts the temperature. There are controls in between these two knobs which allow you to set a timer but we've no idea how they work.


Please ensure the ice box in the fridge clicks shut as it otherwise ices up and then won't close.

Washing machine

New one fitted in June 2021. Full instructions can be found here:

Living Room

The leather chair and sofa tip back. Please don't feel obliged to sit bolt upright! The cleaners tend to push the sofa up against the wall preventing it tipping back. Pull it out. Don't be uncomfortable!

The telephone and router are left plugged in permanently.

The TV probably works in the same way as your own. Just Freeview.

Wood burning stove; please see below under 'Heating'.


The towel rail comes on morning and evening on a timer switch in the bedroom behind the first bedside cabinet.

The immersion heater is left on permanently and will heat enough water for normal use, including filling the bath once a day.


There is electric under floor heating throughout the downstairs and in the bathroom upstairs. The controls have been set to ensure that the cottage remains reasonably warm at all times. The only accessible controls are for the Garden Room but please don't adjust them as the lead in time for adjustments runs to hours so you'll probably not achieve anything. There are some electric radiators around which are there to give a boost if necessary.

Please feel free to use the wood burning stove. We're sorry that we don't provide logs; we don't really have the facility to do so. However, you'll see them for sale all round and about. The stove is designed to be used with the door closed; please don't leave it open when it's alight. It has ventilator controls above and below the door on the left hand side. Slide them to the left and you'll cut off the air supply. To the right and it'll blaze away fiercely. Somewhere in between is where you'll want to be. Wood burns best on a bed of ash so don't bother to remove it. Make sure your logs aren't touching the glass as it might cause it to crack. Please don't use coal (it's a wood burner!), not least because it'll be so hot you'll have to open all the doors and windows.


There's an iron and ironing board in the cupboard in the bedroom. Please don't leave them downstairs.

Linen and cleaning are the responsibility of Wheelwrights so please contact them if there are any issues.