Description and a bit of history

"Have never before stayed in a cottage where the place looks exactly as it is on the website"

Fold Cottage is a quintessential picture-postcard Lakeland cottage, in the hamlet of Outgate, dating from the 18th century.  It would have been built for mine or farm workers and occupied as such until a few decades ago.  It's now a comfortable and cosy retreat from the hurly burly of real life.  The small stone-walled cottage garden has a lawn and flowering borders and catches the sun (when it's shining) for most of the day.
We bought it in April 2010 when it was looking a bit tired and cluttered.  Since then, we've had it completely refurbished and refurnished.  We've put in new slate floors with underfloor heating and a new kitchen and bathroom.  We thought it was pretty special when we bought it but now it's even better!
We had a bit of a set back during the summer of 2012 when water started pouring down the chimney breast but the chimney was rebuilt, we dried out and got back on course.

Three years ago we had a small extension built at the back to add another room, with a new small paved patio outside.  The quotation above came from a visitor before we did that but it still looks pretty much the same as in the photographs on this page as the new bit occupies what was just a grotty bit of concrete round the back, to the left of the door.
It's currently geared up to sleep two people.